Caught on Camera: Jennifer Lawrence Ditches Her Bra at CinemaCon

Jennifer Lawrence had a close call with a wardrobe malfunction at An Evening With Sony Pictures Entertainment event in Las Vegas. She wore a fashionable handkerchief skirt by Altuzarra, paired with a black tank top.

The flashing lights from the photographers made her top completely sheer, but thankfully she was wearing nipple covers. The 25-year-old actress went braless but managed to avoid exposing too much skin. She also sported a lighter shade of blonde for the evening.

Check out this heartwarming video of Chris Pratt expressing his love and admiration for Anna Faris during the MTV Movie Awards. He even mentions how their son was destined to be tough.

While we may have caught a glimpse of them walking the red carpet, let’s not forget that CinemaCon is just the beginning of what will surely be an adorable press tour featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt promoting their sci-fi romance film, Passengers.

Although we have no clue about the conversation that took place, we can confirm that it was both funny and impressive.

Since Passengers is set to release on December 21, we have the potential for twelve full months of anticipation leading up to the premiere!

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