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Тhis Queen Оf Тhe Сatwalk, А Тiny Вritish Longhair, Is Living Нer Вest Lifе In Тhe Nеtherlands

 In order for a pet to become well-known on social media, it typically requires something unique or exceptional to help them stand out from the crowd.

Smoothie, an Insta-famous British longhair from the Netherlands, acquired her Instagram followers just by being extremely beautiful… and like the movie character Puss in Boots.

The beautiful two-year-old kitty is noted for her large piercing green eyes and long white and brown hair and has over 135,000 Instagram followers.

‘LOOK HOW MAJESTIC IT IS,’ remarked another. ‘This may be the most heavenly cat I’ve ever seen.’

They are fascinated with his piercing blue eyes and funny facial gestures.


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